Revolution 101 (renegadechic) wrote in hollywood_13,
Revolution 101

Stephen Hardy: by the studio side exit (new icon thanks to Zan!)

".. they're all so nice too! I mean I never expected them to properly acknowledge me but they actually talked to me! Especially Miss Laslow..."

Stephen was sat on a wall by the side exit of the studio swinging his legs and talking to Bobbo the switchboard operator whilst he had a break.

"Ah dry up Stevo, you Brits get far too excited about these things. They were probably just including you for the sake of their own little games. We're just in a different class you know? Swells like them don't want anything to do with people like us"

"You think so? Oh I don't know. Maybe you're right... I mean they are all actually in the papers, i only deliver them..." said Stephen with a sigh swinging his legs rather less enthusiastically.

"Don't let it bring you down kid, at least you get to see them every day, thats closer than most peoples do.... ciggy?" said Bobbo putting one in his own mouth.

"You know I don't like that stuff! Besides, its a waste of money...", Stephen stopped as his boss pushed through the door thrusting a cable (telegram) in his hand.

"Listen kid, you aren't paid to sit on your ass all day, swinging your legs around, go get this to Mr Davenport."

"Sure boss... I'll get right on it" and Stephen jumped off the wall and followed his boss through the door vaguelly waving at Bobbo.
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