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Noel and Gilda at the Chinese Theater

"You're on the air in 5, kids," said the man holding the microphone in front of Noel and Gilda. They waited appropriately before breaking into their radio voices. Gilda grinned with sparkling white teeth and started them off, as rehearsed.

"Gad Zooks, ladies and gents, it's Gilda here at Graumans Chinese Theater! Boy the crowd is feral tonight for the premier of the new sparkling picture from Monumental Studios: The Divine Lady! It's billed as the most stunningly romantic picture this town has yet seen. Noel and I are here soaking in the spotlight and the stars will be just flowing out of the streets and showing off for the crowd any minute now, won't they, Noel? Wish you were heere!"

"Why yes, Gilda. It's a beautiful night here and the crowds can hardly contain their excitement. This is an excellent premire, you can just feel the delight in the air. Everyone can't wait to see the stars of the evening."

Gilda and Noel engaged an excited fan behind the barricade for a small friendly interview about the picture to kill time before the starts arrived. Once they did.. the pair would be on them like hawks.
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