AUs of RL (usually_a_witch) wrote in hollywood_13,
AUs of RL

Today's Gossip

Well, hello kittens, has your Auntie Eulalie got news for you!

You’ve gobbled up all those fan magazine stories about this leading man’s ‘eternal devotion’ to his wife, but eternity turned out shorter than expected, ‘cause he’s been spotted doing some on-set canoodling.  It’s not who you think… he’s passed up his man-eater co-star for a script girl!


There’s a hush-hush project in the works, something ‘monumental’ that even my little birdies can’t give me details on.  all I’ve got is “It’s gonna be big, and you’ll never believe who they’re tryin’ to get signed!” Rest assured, my darlings, that the moment I hear more, so shall you.


And speaking of my dear canaries, one of them just whispered in my ear that a certain child star ain’t so sweet and innocent as she appears.  I’ve got an eyewitness to her gulping down bathtub gin and dancing ‘til dawn with a whole mess of shady characters.  Heck of a way to celebrate a 15th birthday.

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