Unusually Fond of Ferns (morfeusz) wrote in hollywood_13,
Unusually Fond of Ferns

Ian Murdock

As Ian Murdock entered the studio he was, for quite a bit longer than a short moment, too much in thought about the to be made movie, that the fact that nobody was actually present went past him. But it was empty. His enthusiasm largely replaced by confusion he started thinking about what could have gone wrong. He could figure nobody had been stolen, as well as no mysterious abyss had opened temporarily and swallowed up the crew. So they had to have gone somewhere. In his experience people had the tendency to get distracted from their important tasks way too easily, they would go somewhere and relax at any given opportunity. This made the decision rather easy to walk into the general direction of the cafeteria, and, as suspected, Ian heard the sound of various voices coming from the cafe, one of them unmistakenably being the cheerful, a bit too loud voice of Lara Laslow, whom he had worked with before.

Stepping through the door into the cafeteria, Murdock skipped any friendly greeting, smiled broadly and asked the now-found people: "Shall we get started then?!"
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