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Monumental Pictures, Hollywood, 1922

Studio 13

Monumental Pictures, Studio 13
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Welcome to Hollywood, where your dreams come true! Here we live and follow the lives of the actors (not all of them necessarily Actors) in and around the 1920s silent movie industry. We are mainly centered around, but certainly not limited to, the Monumental Pictures film company.

Please pop over to this entry before playing:
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This is a very casual friendly role-play improvisation game, and anyone can play.
Feel free to check out speakeasy_13, the sister RPG on the other coast. It is up and running and has been for several months. Join it if you wish (if you aren't part of it already) otherwise feel free to look around.

There's No Business like Show Business
(but break these rules and you'll never work in this town again)

1. Annoy the mods and you're tablod fodder/banned.

2. This is the era before the Rating Systems for movies, but anything over "R", put it behind a cut with a warning.

3. Time is meaningless here, and one day can last a week or more. That's the movies for you.

4. We're playing by classic 'tag' rules, post something from your character's pov and play in the comments. Anybody can (and should) talk to anybody, even when they're in mid-tag with someone else. Also, only speak and act for your own character, unless you've discussed something beforehand with another player. Please title a comment with your character's name, for easier reading.

5. Locations aren't limited to the soundstage. Make it clear when you're somewhere that isn't the set, though.

6. Remember, this is the 20s! These are silent pictures, no talkies! Try to keep this in mind.

Beyond that, have fun! Stick with us, kid. We'll make you a star!