His Majesty, the King of Baritaria (tzarohell) wrote in hollywood_13,
His Majesty, the King of Baritaria


Mr. Davenport tallied the cast and crew as the arrived for shooting. This was a day for the cast to become familiar with the story, eachother, and their roles. The film stock would be used to see how the actors should be lit and made up for maximum attractiveness. They were waiting on the second female lead, Mille Baxter. Again. Without so much as cursing under his breath, Davenport left his seat by the camera and ducked behind the set to fetch her. She'd been busy "fixing" what the hair and makeup artists had done to her.
It was pitch black behind the monster house sets, but Davenport had worked in this studio long enough to know hi way around it in the dark.
A shoe knocked against his shoulder.


"Everyone can go home, the shooting is being cancelled. Don't wander around, just go home. Have a good weekend, we'll continue as planned on Monday." Davenport gathered up his things, and looked about for a messenger. The post boy, he'd do. The boy had come by to make his morning rounds. Davenport grabbed him as he was leaving, and said in a low but authoritative voice,
"Wait 15 minutes, then call the police. Tell them there's been an accident."
He adjusted his sunglasses and turned to the bewildered cast and crew. He had to get them out so none of them would get tangled up in it. It could slow down progress if any of them were needlessly upset. They'd read about it in tomorrow's paper, and if Davenport had any luck at all, they'd have a replacement by Monday.

"Did you hear me? Go home, I'm closing down the set."
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